Friday, 23 November 2012

Me, Myself, and I.

After reading Solal's post I was really moved and touched. Social lives and having friends are so important to us that we lose sight of who we are. We become these fake people with fake personalities. People have become so used to being surrounded by friends-that walking down a hallway alone without any of your friends is now weird and awkward. 
I don't think that there is anyone who hasn't felt like they can't fit in, or has had trouble making friends in the past-or maybe even now. People become so absorbed by everything around them that they can't focus on themselves-or who they are as an individual. 
I remember on the first week of school having no friends. I didn't try fitting in or making friends-I sat waiting for something to come along and miraculously change everything. Every lunch time I would eat in the bathroom and wish that I could go back to Cambodia, my old school. My old friends. Everything. Obviously, nothing happened. I would go home crying telling my Mum how I wanted to move back. Now, I don't know about other mothers, but my mother didn't sympathise. Instead, she told me to buck up. That definitely changed the way I viewed things at the time. I started participating more-not always-but more. I started from having no friends-to being in a little circle of friends. I didn't feel confined, or chained to these friends. I made new friends too as I went along. 
Now, being in a whole new different group of people in my tutor group I've started to make even more friends. 
The truth is that friends in school aren't going to be there forever-but family will. No matter how many times you mess up or do something wrong they are the only people who you can fall back on and trust. They will always be there for you. 
Sorry for going off topic and rambling. Just some thoughts I needed to put somewhere. 

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  1. "Friends won't always be there but family will".

    One of the truest comments I know, I saw this video and I'm about to write an entire blog post on it, and it is to do with parents.