Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Idol- Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez is 23 years old and is living with a syndrome so rare, it is undiagnosed. The main symptom of the syndrome is not being able to gain any weight. She was told by many doctors that she would never amount to do anything.

The reason why I admire her so much, is because she was painfully dubbed 'Ugliest Woman in The World' in high school because of her appearance. Someone created a video on Youtube showing her picture. Even though it was only 8 seconds long, it got more than 4 million hits. Anyone else living like this, would break down, stop trying to make friends, and give up- but she didn't. Instead, she fought back in a different way and thrived to become a motivational speaker and write a book. She has already published 2 books called 'Be Beautiful Be You' and 'Lizzie Beautiful', and is now working as a motivational speaker.
Her story really inspires me and makes you think about how determined and courageous she was, and that's how I want to be. She wanted everyone else to feel as low as they made her feel, and the way she took out her revenge wasn't a way that anyone else would think of, it was so brave of her to do what she did. I think that she should be very proud of herself after all that she accomplished.


  1. This will be very useful for our next unit. Keep it tucked away. Thanks for sharing moving story.

  2. Wow. When I watched the video, it hit me so hard how mean people can be. This is definitely one of the most touching stories I have heard and credits to Lizzie for all she has been doing. I think it's people like this who are truly amazing.

    1. I know right! Some people-especially cyber bullies, are so insensitive. Thank you! This is why she inspires me so much.