Friday, 28 September 2012

Talia Castellano's Inspiring Story.

I came randomly came across this video on Youtube when I was listening to music. This is about a girl who was diagnosed with cancer, and had to go through chemotherapy which makes your hair fall off. She then started to get involved with make-up, which she describes as her 'wig'. Her dream was to be on the Ellen show.She started making dozens of make up tutorials which went viral, and then Ellen Degeneres found out about her, and invited her to take part in the Ellen Show. Talia is now a Cover Girl, and is exchanging tips and tricks with Ellen's make-up artist. Her videos and story really moves me because it takes a lot of guts for a 12 year old to make an inspiring make-up video when you are going through chemotherapy, and still answer people's inquisitive questions.

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